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Robert Sarkissian, DDS, MAGD

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Even a single lost tooth can cause significant oral health issues, contributing to bite balance issues and resulting in additional lost teeth. As a master of the Academy of General Dentistry, Dr. Sarkissian is skilled in placing dental implants to help patients from throughout the Woodland Hills, CA area enjoy optimal oral health at every age.

Implant Dentistry Q & A

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are prosthetic devices used in order to replace missing teeth. They are also used to anchor a bridge, or denture, fitted to the jawbone in order to make it more secure. Most dental implants consist of posts made of medical-grade titanium, an artificial tooth, and an abutment that connects the two. Implants used to connect a bridge or denture include only the post and attachment piece. Artificial teeth can be colored for a natural match with the patient’s own teeth. They are also shaped for a custom fit that’s more secure and more comfortable. In recent years, implants have become a popular alternative to both dentures and bridges.

What happens during the implant procedure?

In order for proper placement fo the implant, most dental implant procedures will require treatments over a period of a few months. Upon the first visit, X-rays will be taken, and the post will be implanted into the jawbone. To supplement the existing bone a bone graft procedure can be performed when the bone is very thin. After the post is in place, the next appointment should be scheduled within a few weeks to allow the implant time to fuse with the natural bone. At the second visit, the abutment will be attached to the post, and an impression will be made and sent to the lab for creation of the artificial tooth. The artificial tooth will be made using the highest-quality materials. Depending on the implant used, the abutment may be “preattached” to either the post or the crown. On the final visit, the crown will be attached to the post and carefully adjusted and shaped for an ideal fit. In some cases, more than one fitting appointment may be required.

Are implants difficult to care for?

No, implants can be cared for just like teeth with regular brushing and flossing. Remember that while the artificial tooth itself cannot become decayed, the gum surrounding the implant can still become diseased, just like the gums surrounding the natural teeth. Having professional cleanings twice a year is an important part of avoiding gum disease.

Insurance & Cost Information:

A few words about cost… There is no dentistry more expensive (at any price) than one that you may not need, may not last, or leads to further treatment. That is why the core of our efforts revolve around the most careful and conservative diagnosis with treatment aimed to give you a healthy confident smile for a lifetime. We will listen to your concerns. Make conservative recommendations and offer alternatives. And help you prioritize your care to give you the best possible results. Insurance Information… We are often asked whether we accept a particular dental insurance plan. Our most comprehensive answer is that we accept and help you maximize virtually all traditional PPO dental insurance plans. In other words, as long as you do not have a dental HMO (one where you have been assigned to a particular HMO clinic) and are free to visit a dentist of your choice, you will be able to take advantage of our excellent care. We will gladly process your insurance paperwork for you. Read more…Simply bring your plan information with you or have the policy number ready so we can look up your coverage before you come in to see us. We will work with you and your dental insurance company to maximize your dental benefits with your existing type of coverage and help you prioritize your care to receive the most benefit from your plan. In addition to in-office insurance processing, we provide several financial options, including care credit, to make dental treatment affordable for our patients. Finally, many people are unaware of the fact that insurance benefits expire and renew every year whether you use them or not. In other words, allowing your insurance benefits to expire without visiting the dentist is like throwing you money away.

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