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Robert Sarkissian, DDS, MAGD

General & Cosmetic Dentist & Orthodontist located in Los Angeles, Woodland Hills, CA

Orthodontic care isn’t just about having a great-looking smile – it’s also about improving overall oral health. Dr. Sarkissian is skilled in advanced orthodontics techniques aimed at helping patients of all ages throughout the Woodland Hills, CA, area enjoy straighter teeth, more attractive smiles and improved oral health and wellness.


What types of issues can orthodontics treat?

Orthodontic treatments can be used to treat issues such as overcrowding, gaps, or uneven spacing between teeth, overbites, underbites, crossbites, and other alignment issues. Some people have severe issues that are obvious, but many may have more subtle signs or problems that can be more difficult to assess. Having an evaluation is an important part in determining if the patient could benefit from orthodontic treatment.

At what age should children get evaluated for orthodontic treatment?

Ideally, children should have an initial orthodontic assessment at 7 years of age when growth and development are occurring at a rapid pace. With early assessment, it may be possible to provide preventive care that can help reduce the need for orthodontics or reduce the duration of orthodontic care.

When are patients too old for braces?

As long as the teeth roots are strong enough to support the pressure and movement exerted by orthodontic appliances, the patient can benefit from having the teeth straightened. Many adult patients with temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) turn to orthodontic treatment to relieve issues such as jaw pain and chronic headaches. Options such as clear braces and Invisalign® are especially popular among older patients, thanks to their discreet appearance.

Is orthodontic care performed only for aesthetic reasons?

While having teeth straightened can help improve appearance, eliminating gaps and improving overall alignment can make it much easier to care for the teeth so decay and gum disease can be prevented. Plus, proper tooth alignment can also reduce stress and strain on the jaws that can be a primary cause of TMJ symptoms.

Does insurance cover the cost of orthodontic care?

That depends on the dental plan. The best way to determine if the plan provides coverage for orthodontic treatment is to contact the plan administrator or ask the office staff to contact the administrator. The doctor and his staff can also help the patient find financing options and payment plans that can help make the cost of care more affordable

Insurance & Cost Information:

A few words about cost… There is no dentistry more expensive (at any price) than one that you may not need, may not last, or leads to further treatment. That is why the core of our efforts revolve around the most careful and conservative diagnosis with treatment aimed to give you a healthy confident smile for a lifetime. We will listen to your concerns. Make conservative recommendations and offer alternatives. And help you prioritize your care to give you the best possible results. Insurance Information… We are often asked whether we accept a particular dental insurance plan. Our most comprehensive answer is that we accept and help you maximize virtually all traditional PPO dental insurance plans. In other words, as long as you do not have a dental HMO (one where you have been assigned to a particular HMO clinic) and are free to visit a dentist of your choice, you will be able to take advantage of our excellent care. We will gladly process your insurance paperwork for you. Read more…Simply bring your plan information with you or have the policy number ready so we can look up your coverage before you come in to see us. We will work with you and your dental insurance company to maximize your dental benefits with your existing type of coverage and help you prioritize your care to receive the most benefit from your plan. In addition to in-office insurance processing, we provide several financial options, including care credit, to make dental treatment affordable for our patients. Finally, many people are unaware of the fact that insurance benefits expire and renew every year whether you use them or not. In other words, allowing your insurance benefits to expire without visiting the dentist is like throwing you money away.

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